I'm a self-taught developer from the United States. I love everything related to technology and have some experience using Java, JavaScript / TypeScript, Node.js, Svelte (what this site was built from), SQL, and many more.

I was first drawn to technology in a small classroom full of troublemakers (including myself) when we were first taught how to type. When I pressed my first key on a keyboard, I realized my passion for technology had started and would only continue to grow. Apart from the initial push to learn what a computer was and how to use it efficiently, I continued by teaching myself how to code - or at least the basics. From there, I've constantly strived to learn more and never quit, as that itch to know more never stops.

Another passion of mine is traveling and seeing the world. I'll never pass up an opportunity to visit somewhere new and possibly meet some friends that I previously only knew online or new ones along the way. While I live in Florida, I've also been to multiple states within the United States and gotten to experience the many differences between each state. Internationally, I've been to the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia, but I don't plan on stopping there as every new destination is a chance for me to grow and learn more about our world.

You can learn more about me and my travels on my about page, check out my experience on my resume page, or see some of my projects.