About Me

(Prepare for a decent amount of text.)

I'm Nick, a self-taught developer from the United States. I love absolutely everything related to technology and am nothing but a nerd.

Art by Losty Art by Losty

I was first drawn to technology in a small classroom full of troublemakers (including myself) when we were first taught how to type. The moment I pressed my first key on a keyboard, I realized my passion for technology had started and would only continue to grow. Apart from the initial push to learn what a computer was and how to efficiently use it, I continued by teaching myself how to code - or at least the basics.

Whether I'm spending countless hours creating something to make my life slightly easier or attempting to redesign my website for the millionth time, learning and innovating never fails to bore me. I constantly strive to learn, whether by running into an issue and researching how to solve it or watching a tutorial online for fun.

A lot of my free time is spent either learning, gaming, or sitting outside in the fresh air playing with my dogs. I have a lot of pets - as you can probably tell - Collette personally being my favorite (just don't let the others know), but the rest are amazing as well. Having a lot of pets really puts things into perspective of how obnoxious, yet lovable, they can be.

I absolutely love art, and seeing the process of people drawing, I especially love when people draw things for me and try to constantly show off people's creations. I'm not an artist myself, and the most I could draw would be stick figures, but I guess that's why I admire art and their creators a hell of a lot more.

Art by Mewo Art by Mewo

I have a feeling this page will grow with time, but for now, that's who I am! Thanks for taking the time to learn about me. If you ever want to reach out, click the little mail icon at the very bottom of the screen. :)